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Touring around Wales.

Tours of all parts of Wales for 2 days or more,  for up to 4 or 5 people.

Planning your tour. 

Please Contact Us to help with this at any time. (Usually from at least 1 month in advance)

Wales is made up of many distinctive local areas each with their own stories and traditions, architecture and heritage.

We will work with you to plan your tour of Wales, discuss your interests and suggest areas to tour and places to visit.

Our tours can be a balance of visits to high profile tourist spots and relaxed touring in remote places to enjoy the tranquillity and local ambience. We don't like to cram in too much in a day, but rather give you a feeling, and over-view (literally when possible) of a part of Wales. 


We can recommend accommodation in Wales, and arrange for chosen accommodation to contact you if you wish. We are not a travel agent and do not arrange accommodation or other forms of transport for you but we do work in cooperation with others.


Cambrian Safaris can collect you from, or transfer you to, an hotel, an airport, a train station or venue anywhere in the UK.

Other areas

Depending upon availability, we can also cooperate with other guides in Wales. 

If you would like to discuss visiting other parts of the UK with us, we may be able to help, particularly the Lake District, the South West of England and Western Scotland. 


Please enquire for more details, the prices on our 'tours' page are only for our local days out starting from our base.  

The price will depend upon; where the tour starts and finishes, how many people there are and how many nights away there will be for the driver. Some visits will be included, some will be on a pay as you go basis. I do not pay for visits in advance so as to keep plans flexible (with the exception of certain activities which need to be booked in advance) . 

You will find our prices compare very favourably with Driver Guide services in other parts of the UK and I have yet to find anyone using a superior vehicle! 


We like to plan an itinerary just for you, with a range of possible visits. Please enquire for more details or an example itinerary. The sub pages have examples which can be built upon, or trimmed.


Look at the map of Wales below, and please bear in mind that driving times are quite considerable. For example, it is about a 5 hour drive from Cardiff to Holyhead,  it is not possible to tour all of Wales from Cardiff which can be a good place to start. , but it is possible to base yourself in Aberystwyth from where most places are within about 2 hours drive time. 

Travel in the UK.  With Cambrian Safaris or by train.


Heathrow (London) Airport - Aberystwyth, Approximately 4 hours 30 minutes  driving. 

Manchester Airport - Aberystwyth, Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes driving.

Cardiff Airport - Aberystwyth Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes driving.

Birmingham International- Aberystwyth, Train travel 3 hours 16 minutes about the  same by car.

London Euston - Aberystwyth,  Train travel 4 Hours 42 minutes.

London Euston - Bangor, north Wales, 3 hours 15 minutes

London Paddington - Carmarthen, Train time 4 hours 15 minutes  approx, passing  through Cardiff and Newport South Wales, with 1 hour drive to Aberystwyth. 

Aberystwyth - Glasgow, Train time 7 hours, Drive time Approx 6 hours + Stops. 


Train travel information see www.nationalrail.co.uk