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Guided 4x4 Tours

A Land Rover experience into the Cambrian Mountains and valleys near Aberystwyth. Discover the Wild Tranquillity of Wales with us. Our aim is to make you want to explore the area more, yourself. 

The best tours are either a half day (morning or afternoon), or all day.

We are now also offering a shorter 2 hour trip. 


Half day or all day. The half day tours are all from Aberystwyth, The Silver Mountain Experience or Devils Bridge.The full day tours can begin from anywhere within reasonable reach of the area we cover. 

New for 2019; 2 hour tour; Starting  from Devils Bridge or from the Silver Mountain Experience only. This is a short version of either tour 1 or 2 only. 

It's your choice;

Tours are almost always exclusive for you, outlined are examples which are flexible, we customise every tour. 
Fantastic views, Photography, local history, flora and fauna, all feature.

Off Tarmac.

We do, on some tours, drive some sections of unsurfaced roads, some of which are rights of way to drive, some we have obtained special permission for.

If you would like a  tour with as little tarmac as possible, Please see; Summer Specials Page for more.  

Tour 4


Mountain Road. Remote drovers roads

High Moors and deep valleys.


Please feel free to ask for times to suit you. 

Half day; morning; 9.30 - 1.00, afternoon; 2.00pm - 5.30. 

All day; 9.30 to 5.30  

New for 2019; 

2 hour tours. 9.30, 12.00, 3.00, 5.30. 

Can be timed with the Vale of Rheidol railway arrivals and departures. 



*For Pick up in Devils Bridge;

Please note; selected tours, or pick up from your accommodation, may be more.


Half day; 1 -3 people; £150. 4 people; £160.

5 people; £180, 6 people; £195.

Full day: 1-3 people; £240, 4 people; £280.

5 people; £300, 6 people; £320.

 2 hour tours. From £20 per person, minimum price applies. 

Customised tours available from your accommodation, prices on enquiry.

Children usually free, assuming they are with 2 adults (minimum prices above apply)

Please Contact us for booking and payment methods. 

Train ride and tour,

With the Vale of Rheidol Railway.

Take the train from Aberystwyth and join a Cambrian Safaris Tour in Devils Bridge. The tour will last for about 4 and a half hours and you can take the train back to Aberystwyth. This tour includes the train travel - we book the tickets for you. The tour can be based on any of 1,2,3 or 5 above. 

Train and Tour page.

Join us for a 3 hour evening Tour. Enjoy a long summer evening in the hills, spectacular sunsets and if you wish, some star gazing. After an early dinner, or before a late meal, start and finish time is flexible. We can't promise the weather will cooperate so we will discuss options with you the evening before or during the day. Prices as half day tour. See Summer Specials page for more options, including a train ride.

Dogs Welcome!

You may bring a well behaved dog with you by arrangement.

Depending upon size of the group + size of dog, up to 2 dogs may be allowed.

A soft crate or large crate can be provided.

Cambrian Safaris tours can include complimentary hotel pick-up, so you just sit back and relax as you are chauffeured by your guide in style and comfort in our luxurious Land Rover Discovery to enjoy the wild tranquillity of some of the of the most stunning scenery in the UK
Join us for spectacular touring around the Cambrian Mountains.

Your guide has extensive knowledge of the local area and will try to adjust every tour to your interest; whether that be wherever they may lead you.