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Our Tours in the Cambrian Mountains. Mid Wales.

"Discover the Wild Tranquility"

Discover the peaceful Cambrian Mountains and valleys near Aberystwyth. 

Join Cambrian Safaris to discover Real Mid Wales. We drive, you relax and enjoy. 

Great views, peace and quiet, farms, forests, hills and valleys, old mines, real lives past and present.

Let us show you places you'll want to come back to again and again. We can reach parts others can't!

We'll pick you up and drive you around in our Land Rover Discovery.

A relaxing day enjoying the quiet.

Every tour is exclusive for you.

We can take up to 6 people. 

Ceredigion View.jpg

1. Picturesque Hinterland

Wales' best kept secrets.

Our number 1 tour to introduce you to our area; 

North Ceredigion's Uplands.

Discover deep valleys near Aberystwyth on the edge of the Cambrian Mountains.

Steep backroads and rough tracks lead to breath-taking views. 

Follow in the footsteps of artists, poets and writers who came to marvel at the rugged landscape in the 18th Century.

A forgotten country estate, - Remote lakes, silver mines, isolated farmsteads, bird watching, photography local history. 

2 hours / Half day / Full day.

From£95 / £195 / £295

Craig Goch.JPG

2. Cambrian Mountains

Lakes and Reservoirs, wooded valleys, high open moorland.

A wider exploration of the Cambrian Mountains, expanding upon the themes of tour 1. 

Climbing high across open moorland, plunging into deep valleys, explore as much or as little of the Cambrian Mountains in a day as you wish. 

Can include the Elan Valley Reservoirs, Llyn Brianne Reservoir, or Llyn Clywdeog.

A full day out from your accommodation or if you're coming from further away we will arrange a meeting place. 

Full day. 

From: £295

A Welsh Valley

3. Wilderness Adventure

Reaching parts others don't! Unsurfaced Roads.

Following a selection of rough tracks and ancient routes in the wilderness of the Ceredigion Uplands, (some say comparable to the Scottish Highlands). Passing several small lakes, a large reservoir and ruined farms with astonishing views to the south and west.

Tours start in Devils Bridge, Aberystwyth or from your accommodation if in the area.

Half day from £225

Full day from £325


Explore more.

Other Options

We can offer a tour of rugged Southern Snowdonia, the less well known part of the national park, including "Bomber lane". 

Full Day Only. From: £360

Combine with a ride on the Vale of Rheidol Railway. 

Combine with a visit to the Silver Mountain Experience. 

(See below)

All tours are customised.

Tours further afield may also be possible, get in touch to ask. See our extra drop down page for more details, More about our tours.


5. Evenings

Sunsets and Stars. 

Enjoy a long summer evening in the hills, or a spring or autumn sunset and some star - gazing. The Cambrian Mountains are recognised as having the best dark skies in the UK south of Scotland.

We can't promise the weather will cooperate so we will discuss options with you the evening before or during the day. We may offer a daytime trip as an alternative.

How about starting the evening with a trip on the Vale of Rheidol Railway. (When available).

Flexible timing. Subject to availability

From: £195


4. Silver Lead Mines.

Over 100 old Silver-Lead mines in north Ceredigion employed as many as 5,000 miners and their families in the 1860s.​ The mining ended long ago but the spoil heaps and ruined  buildings are still significant features on the landscape.

Combine a Visit to the Silver Mountain Experience with a tour of the surrounding area. (see below)

On most of our tours we talk about the mining heritage of the area and try to shed a different light upon the remains. Tours can feature a selection of mine sites, miners cottages, chapels and the small lakes created to supply the mines with water to power their pumps and machinery. 

Half day or full day from £195

Ymunwch a Cambrian Safars i ddarganfod perfeddion canolbarth Cymru.Fe wnawn ni’r gyrru, ymlaciwch a mwynhewch y golygfeydd godidog, heddwch a thawalech, ffermydd anghysbell, coedwigoedd, bryniau a dyffrynnoedd, hen fwyngloddiau, bywydau go iawn ddoe a heddiw.Gadewch ddangos i chi lefydd y byddwch eisiau dod nol atoynt tro ar ol tro. Gallwn gyrraedd rhannau na all eraill!Fe wnawn ni bigo chi lan a’ch gyrru chi o gwmpas yn ein Land Rover Discovery iweld Mynyddoedd y Cambria ag ardaloedd cyfagos ar eu gorau.

How about a Combined visit with The Silver Mountain Experience?

Spend the day visiting The Silver Mountain Experience and touring the surrounding area with us. 

  • The Silver Mountain Experience visit – includes a choice of guided tour. Choose from either; A Miner’s Life, which immerses you in the original and rare setting of our 250+ year old mine, or The Black Chasm where you can discover the dark and murky history of Mid Wales.

  • Spend time exploring the mine buildings and surface miners trail. 

  • Lunch at the Silver Mountain Experience café – our cosy café offers a lunch menu serving a variety of tasty treats. Included in this package is a meal, drink and sweet or savoury snack of your choice.

  • 2 1/2  hour tour or half day tour with Cambrian Safaris. (Based on tours 1 and 7 above).

Book with The Silver Mountain Experience, at;


Pictures from our tours;

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