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Your Tour of Wales.

We drive. You relax and enjoy.

Wales is made up of many distinctive local areas each with their own stories and traditions, architecture archaeology, and heritage.

A tour for you.

We will work with you to plan your tour of Wales, discuss your interests and suggest areas to tour and places to visit.

Our speciality is relaxed touring in remote places, back roads, surprise stops, to give you a feeling, and an over-view of a part of Wales.

We can of course build in visits to places which you would particularly like to see and it may also be possible to add activities like horse riding, rifle target shooting, falconry or a personal mine tour. 

Please Contact Us to help with this at any time.


Cambrian Safaris can collect you from, or transfer you to, an hotel, an airport, a train station or venue anywhere in the UK. When possible transfers are combined into a day or part day touring. 

Other areas

If you would like to visit other parts of the UK with us, before or after your visit to Wales, we may be able to help, particularly anywhere which easily tags on to a tour around Wales, such as the Lake District (north west England), Cornwall and the the South West of England and Western Scotland.


We can suggest accommodation in Wales to suit your requirements, and arrange for chosen accommodation to contact you if you wish. We are not a travel agent and do not arrange accommodation or other forms of transport for you but we do work in cooperation and collaboration with others.


Tours of Wales for 2 days or more, for up to 6* people.

In our Land Rover Discovery.

Example Itineraries. (Every tour is tailor-made for you, these are just outline ideas)

1. All Round Wales; 4 to 7 days. Usually starting from Cardiff, a marvellous introduction to Wales, circling west around the coast and up to the north, with nights in Pembrokeshire, Aberystwyth and Snowdonia.  

Pdf itinerary   Pictures for tour; 'All round Wales'
2. Up Through Wales; Cambrian Safaris Highlights. 2-5 days
Usually starting in Cardiff, Heading for North Wales, featuring our tours of the Cambrian Mountains on the way, with 1 or 2 nights in each of Aberystwyth and Snowdonia.
Pdf itinerary   Pictures for tour; 'Up through Wales'

3. Ancient Wales; 3+ days
A tour which focuses on Wales’ ancient history. Cromlechs and burial chambers from up to 6,000 years ago, ancient villages from 2,500 to 5,000 years ago, a bronze age copper mine, a roman amphitheatre, a roman gold mine, ancient roadways, Iron age hill forts and some of Wales’ famous castles all mixed in with the beautiful landscapes and scenery we enjoy on all of our tours. 
Pdf itinerary    Pictures for tour; 'Ancient Wales'

West is Best. Add on to your tour of Wales. 
Choose from Cornwall and Devon, the Lake District and Western Scotland to add to your tour of Wales - rugged coasts, ancient history and fabulous food. 
These tours are under development, these areas are all familiar to me. They will feature elements of the other itineraries at their core and could include some very special restaurants.

Example Itinerary; Please enquire.


The Ultimate West Coast; a 'showcase' version of 'West is Best'; spend 10 to 21 days going all the way from "Lands End to John O'groats", all the way up the west coast of England, Wales and Scotland. A rough outline itinerary for this is available on request.  This tour would be available once in May or June and once in early September. Likely to feature ancient history and great food.

*Group size. Our vehicle can comfortably carry up to 6 passengers - we regularly do for our shorter half day / day tours. It is more usual to carry 2, 3 or 4 for a tour of several days as there is luggage to consider, but we do have a roof box and a trailer for luggage if needed!

All tours are exclusive, you wont be sharing the car with people you don't know. 


Please enquire for more details. Prices are per day and will include everything to do with driving / guiding but does not usually include admissions** or food. There are various factors including; where the tour starts and finishes and how many people there are. (The prices shown on the contact page are only for our local tours from our home base).

**There are a small selection of visits or activities which may sometimes be included, I will inform you of these during the planning of your tour. 

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