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A Fantasy tour.

Tours of North Ceredigion and the Cambrian Mountains will always be our core business and we hope to be able to offer these tours sometime later in the summer.

In the mean time, we are also developing the offer of tours of all of Wales, which tend to be taken up mainly by international visitors, we've done a few trips of between 2 to 8 days over the last few years. I hold a hope to be able to offer some of these in the autumn but the focus is already on 2021 because of the current situation.

Every tour is different - we always spend as long as necessary working with guests to plan their trip in advance, but we can provide outline, example itineraries.

A tour of Wales might typically begin in Cardiff, where, before joining Cambrian Safaris, you could spend a day or more visiting the city, join a food tour, visit the Castle, The National Museum, The Museum of Welsh life at St Fagans, all of which give some great background to Wales as a whole and along with day 1 - below, give a great introduction to different periods of Welsh history.

Day 1 Touring South East Wales

Caerleon is a Roman town with Roman Baths, Amphitheatre, Barrack Buildings and the National Roman Legion Museum introduce the storey of the Romans in Wales. (We'll be looking at older places later in the week!) All this could easily fill half a day for those who like to soak up the atmosphere and spend time immersing themselves in the details of the lives of those whose stories are told.

The Roman Amphitheatre at Caerleon.

The Abbey at Tintern is a most impressive building -

The ordered lives of the Medieval Monks were in some ways not dis-similar to that of the Romans, in other ways rather different. I am always very impressed with the stone masonry at places like this.

The setting is the beautiful wooded Wye valley.

In our usual mix of visiting and touring, in the afternoon we head up a long, deep green valley in the east of the Brecon Beacons national Park, through the Black Mountains, over the highest road in Wales and on down to Hay on Wye for a nosy in some bookshops!

Llanthony Priory, Black Mountains, Brecon Beacons National Park.

On a day out like this, we will usually find a small, locally run cafe for lunch and possibly again for a cup of tea and some cake in the afternoon. As usual, we do not try to make too many visits in a day, but spend time enjoying the views, the peace of the countryside and a few unexpected stops at surprises along the back roads.

High In the Black Mountains - the Gospel Pass is the Highest road in Wales at 1801 feet.

Day 2, coming soon, South west Wales, we will head west to the Gower Peninsular, Carmarthanshire and Pembrokeshire. If you think were missing anything out, you'd be right, I reckon Wales can be divided into something like 18 or 20 areas, each of which could easily keep you occupied for a week or more!

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