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Wales in Winter

The Chances are it's wet and windy, but its rarely is all that bad for long. But without the horrible days, would the sunshine seem so special? And doing something worthwhile on a dreary wet and windy winters day could be all the more rewarding, especially if the day starts a bit iffy weather wise and slowly clears up.

The weather is a classic British topic of conversation, perhaps because its always changing - a bit like the landscape as you travel around, it never stays the same for long. So it the day starts 'orrible', there's a good chance it will clear up later on.

Across the area we cover on most of our tours, there is a wonderful variety of landscapes and views, farmland, forest, lakes and rivers, its rare for the weather to be so bad that you can not enjoy some of it from the comfort of our Land Rover Discovery - and if you weren't sitting in our comfortable car with your guide pointing out all sorts of things, what else would you be doing?

We always say a big part of the value of your tour is that we give you all sorts of places you can come back to and discover more for yourselves and any location can look quite different at different times of year or in different weather!

The weather is after all what makes it so green, and what has refined the shape of the landscape since the last ice age, cutting deep gorges, leaving high waterfalls, tumbling streams, ancient woodland and lush green grassland in what has become known as the Green Dessert!

We are very frustrated that we cannot currently take any bookings and that the Welsh Government is not yet able to give a provisional date for re-opening tourism and Hospitality. We are, however, willing to take provisional bookings for tours of mid Wales and assist with provisional plans for tours of Wales. later this year and next year. In the mean time - stay safe and I hope you are looking forward to your next trip to wales!

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