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Lockdown. A Time to reflect.

Many of us seem to have been given, largely against our will, a period of 'time out' to stop, to sit back and reflect, a breathing space. (Excepting and recognising, key workers, of course.) Isn't this what a holiday is supposed to be for? I wouldn't wish the current financial complications and related stress on anybody and I'd far prefer to be showing people places first hand than talking about it or even planning it, but I'd like to attempt to look at the flip side.

(Planning is good, and possible, you can get in touch to plan a trip later in the year or next year.)

For those of us stuck at home we are finding things to do,much clearing out and putting up of shelves is going on, as well as gardening, hobbies - my 17 year old daughter who normally rides horses all day long has made a 1:32 scale model of an Apache helicopter and is doing a jigsaw with her mother. (I'm working on an Airfix Douglas Dakota), my son, who is a Chef at Y Talbot, Tregaron, has removed the rear bumper of the Cambrian Safaris Land Rover Discovery and rubbed down and under-sealed the rear 1/4 of the chassis and in the mean time has a rusty old tool box and tools in an old dustbin full of salt water, removing the rust by electrolysis!

The idea of a tour with Cambrian Safaris has always been to try to enable you to look at your surroundings differently, to take the time out to enjoy the view, wander through the lanes, to contemplate, to explore, to discover. So that when you are on holiday, its not just a different version of the same rush rush rush - "we have to do this next, we have to be there by a certain time", but instead, to see what you notice if you stop and do nothing for a while, if you go fishing or bird watching you will know what I mean.

Our Local patch, north Ceredigion, is a perfect place in which to do this, to get off the beaten track, which is exactly what our tours do. We are blessed here, in the current situation, to be able to wander outside and enjoy unlimited open spaces. If you're cooped up somewhere less isolated, We hope you are able to pick a moment to take your daily permitted exercise and take a stroll somewhere different to usual, you might spot something you've not noticed before which will surprise you!

As ever, get in touch any time to plan a future visit to Wales!

A time to reflect.

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